Hello girls and boys my name is Masked Bird, I wear a mask because I’m so flapping ugly I have no friends. I’ve become bitter, twisted and evil. I come from Flappy Land where all the birds live together in peace and harmony, apart from me 🙁 . When I was a young bird they threw me out because of my disfigurement and banished me to the Baron Island far away from Flappy Land. All I ever wanted was a friend but they betrayed me. The chief of the tribe Flappy Bird said that I was too ugly and the other birds didn’t want to see me because I made them feel sick.

Well they didn’t count on me being an evil genius and building a rocket that I’ve used to get back to Flappy Land. Now I’m back here I will have my revenge and banish Flappy Bird to the Baron Island.


Will you help me get my revenge or will you side with Flappy and his Friends to stop me?

7 thoughts on “Ha Ha i’m so Evil it Flapping Hurts

  1. You don’t scare me Masked Bird I put you on the Baron Island to save you from yourself. We knew that you was going to turn out evil when you was a young bird; The townsfolk had a vote and we voted to banish you expecting that you wouldn’t last very long. You’re not welcome here go away back to the Baron Island or face my wrath!

    Friends come and join me, lets find the Masked Bird and send him back.

    1. I will help you Flappy I’m a fierce dragon bird that can breath fire and fly in between obstacles with ease. Count me in chief lets get rid of this flapping ugly bird ASAP.

    2. HoHoHo Flappy Christmas everyone I’m Santa Bird and now that Christmas is over I don’t have much to do, well until Easter that is, I swap my Santa costume for an Easter bunny costume; the pays not as much but hey my work is seasonal so I gota do what I gota do. Anyway back to the subject in question it’s terrible that the evil and ugly Masked Bird is back in Flappy Land, I will do anything to get rid of him and put him back in Baron Island where he can’t scare any kids with his ugly face.

      I’m on your side Flappy just let me know what you want me to do.


      They call me Mad Bird because they all think I’m mad, I’m not. I’m the only sane one around here I can see things the others can’t.

      When I was a chick a wizard told me about the mythical stars, here in Flappy Land there are stars all over the place most birds ignore these stars and they don’t understand how powerful they can be. We must collect all of these stars before Masked Bird does, if he manages to get all of the stars in Flappy Land he will have so much power no body not even Flappy will be able to stop him.

      I have been collecting stars all this time. I have a few stashed in my nest, now I can command the stars. When I collect a star I multiply it’s power so for every star I collect I’m credited with 2. Whos mad now eh.

      Please Flappy you must listen to me let’s find all of the stars before getting rid of Masked Bird he could have already collected some.

    4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hello everyone I have just got back from the Swiss Alps sking is my game and Ski Bird is my name.

      I will ski straight over and give you a hand Flappy.

    5. Oh no not Masked Bird we can’t allow him to banish Flappy.

      I don’t know why we need to help but if I have to I suppose I could help, I don’t really want to it all seems like a lot of effort.

      I was just about to do my weekly shop at ASDA so try not to bother me in the next hour after that just let me know when you need me.

  2. So you’ve got all your little minions to help you Flappy, typical your all ganging up on me again. It’s not going to stop me I already have half of the stars in Flappy Land once I have all of the starts no one will be able to stop me. Mad Bid was right the stars give you powers, powers that are unique to each Bird; because I’m evil they give me evil powers, evil powers that I can use to banish you all to the BARON ISLAND.


    P.S. Happy new year girls and boys!

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