Now I have all my friends together we can get can get to work and start collecting the stars from Flappy Land so the evil Masked Bird don’t get them all.

My friends are;

  • Dragon Bird
  • Ski Bird
  • Mad Bird
  • Grumpy Bird
  • Santa Bird

Once they collect enough stars they too will have powers. Their powers are listed below;

  • Dragon Bird can breathe fire to destroy pipes and enemies
  • Ski Bird can increase his speed to collect stars quicker
  • Mad Bird has harnessed powers from the stars so for every 1 star he collects he gets 2.
  • Grumpy Bird is so reluctant to help he has lives and for every 50 stars he collects he gets an extra life
  • Santa Bird has the magic of Christmas, Easter and every other holiday that allows him to be invincible at certain times.

I don’t have any powers even when I collect stars 🙁 . You will just have to play with me in the original spirit of the flappy game.

We will go all over Flappy Land in a quest to collect the stars. When enough stars are collected (all birds and levels unlocked) we can confront the Masked Bird and banish him back to the Baron Island for good.