Works been steady this week I have created the graphical assets for all of the characters including most animations and graphical assets for the first 2 levels. I have also introduced the back story and characters through this website in the story part. Tweaks to the website have been carried out, I’m still not 100% happy with it but for now it will do.

Next week I hope to work on the code that will enable parallax backgrounds for the levels adding a bit of polish. Once this is done I will start to import the graphical assets, tweak the game engine (which is very rough at this stage) and start on level design; by level design I mean how l they look, feel and play with different bonus items that I will include.

Progress is slow and will be slow I’m working on multiple projects at the moment, holding down a full time job, studying for a Masters Degree and supporting a family so please be patient with me I have about 3 hours a week to spend on Flappy and Friends. Your patients is appreciated.